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For KLIA, available hotel is Sama- Sama Express Hotel. Conveniently located at in the Satelite Building, Gate C5. This hotel provides showers, gym, sauna and also steam bath. These services also offered to non-guest with different price. For example, for non-guest access to shower will cost you RM 20.00, gym and shower is RM 30.00, sauna and shower cost RM 30.00 and access to all is RM 50.00. At the hotel, flight information is provided so you no need to worry about your flight tracking. Enquires and reservation can be made at www.samasamaexpress.com/klia or you may contact +603 8787 4848. You may walk in to get a room but it is subject to availability.


Trains also available for terminal transfer (KLIA to KLIA2 or vice versa) Estimated time for inter-terminal (KLIA to KLIA2) is only 3 minutes and cost you RM 2 for adult and RM 1 per child. For destination from KL Airport to KL Sentral, it will take 33 minutes for KL Express and 39 minutes for KL Transit. The price for this route is RM 55 for an adult and RM 25 for a child. From KL Sentral you may proceed to your selected destination as there are connected trains for different route. Make sure you are at the correct platform and train or you may ask local regarding to the routes. The good thing about taking train is they are one of the fastest airport transportation which have the speed of 160 km/hour with estimated-time-arrived (ETA) of 33 minutes form KL Airport to KL Sentral. It is also a very convenient inter-terminal transfer between KLIA and KLIA2 which only takes 3 minutes. It also shares the same affordable price which is RM 55 for a destination from KL Airport to KL Sentral. It is the most convenient and reliable as there is free WiFi provided in the train for customers needs. For more information regarding to this service, you may visit their website www.kliaexpress.com or call them at +603 2267 8000. There are a lot of information regarding routes and destination which you prefer to go.


Here are few types of buses provided for domestic, family, businesses and customized uses. It is cheaper than other transportation and depends on the traffic condition for the arrival. There are a lot of bus operator available at the airport. Star Shuttle offer variety of routes from KL Airport. These include, routes from KL Airport to Hotels at KL Town Centre which will cost you RM 18 per way, from KL Airport to Medan Gopeng or Bercham Ipoh which cost RM 42 per way and from KL Airport to Teluk Intan or Sitiawan which cost you RM 45 per way. This bus operates from 05.15 am until 12.00 am every day. Any further info for Star Shuttle, you may reach +603 4043 8811 or visit their website at www.starwira.com Next, Airport Liner provides transfer from KLIA to KLIA2 and also from KL Airport throughout Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. For airport transfer it only cost you RM 3 while RM 1.50 for children. Both routes will take around 30 to 45 minutes to arrive. This bus is available at Nilai Bus & Taxi Terminal and also both KL Airport terminal. Any inquiries regarding to this bus operator you may contact them at (606)-7996259 .


The rate of each taxi is different for example, Budget Taxi worth RM 80 from the airport to the city while Premier one is RM 110 and Family Van cost RM 220. All of this price is subject to change and destination. If you are going to Genting Highland, the fare for Budget Taxi is RM 205, Premier is RM 270 and Family Van is RM 620. These prices are subject to 50% premium when departing between midnight and 6 a.m. Most of the time, taxi service is operated by Airport Limo (M) Sdn Bhd. They provide taxi and limo services at KLIA and operate through a coupon system that you can purchase at Airport Limo counters located at; International Arrival Hall (just after customs, before the public arrival area), Domestic Arrival Hall (public area after the Domestic Baggage Clearance) and at the Domestic Baggage Reclaim at the Arrival Level. For more information on booking and rates, please contact +603 9223 8080 (Airport Limo). They also provide Meet & Greet only for booked taxis. You may wish to visit their website at www.airportlimo.my/ for more route fare such as Penang, Genting or other location.