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These services also offered to non-guest with different price. For example, for non-guest access to shower will cost you RM 20.00, gym and shower is RM 30.00, sauna and shower cost RM 30.00 and access to all is RM 50.00. At the hotel, flight information is provided so you no need to worry about your flight tracking. Enquires and reservation can be made at www.samasamaexpress.com/klia or you may contact +603 8787 4848. You may walk in to get a room but it is subject to availability. Next is Tune Hotel which located at LCCT Airport.

If you are having an early flight or your flight delayed and of course you are looking for a hotel or lounges to stay for a while to avoid sleeping in the airport without any safety of your personal things. KLIA and KLIA2 have their own hotel and lounges. Most of the hotel will provide you basic amenities such as showers, beds, WiFi and more. For KLIA, available hotel is Sama- Sama Express Hotel. Conveniently located at in the Satelite Building, Gate C5. This hotel provides showers, gym, sauna and also steam bath.

This hotel offers passenger free pick up and drop off at KLIA but only 9-seater shuttle is available every 2 hours in day time and every hour during midnight.

The youniQ Hotel which located at KLIA Area is as unique as their name. They provide variety of rooms which suits the customer needs. Amenities that available are free self-service laundry, 24 hours convenient stores and luggage storage that only cost you RM 5.30 per pieces per day. Type of rooms that they provide is based on hotel type and dorm type which suitable for families and also backpackers. Good thing about this hotel is they also provide complimentary coffee, tea and toast or you may buy the unlimited local fusion breakfast for only RM 10.60 per person. For more information regarding this hotel kindly go to this link http://theyouniqhotel.com or contact +60 8706 6988 for booking and enquires.

Pre-booking is required at the front desk hotel and the shuttle is based on first come first serve basis. This hotel also provides ironing service and also TV lounge is available at the hotel lobby. There is a café available at this hotel known as The Glasshouse Café Sepang which offers a breakfast set only for RM 15.90 per set and available from 0630 am till 1030 am. For any reservation or booking, kindly proceed to their website www.tunehotels.com/malaysia-hotels/klia-aeropolis-airport-hotel/ or you can call +603 8787 2759.