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The train system in KL is quite efficient and modern as they are one of the convenient public transportation for Malaysian. It doesn’t depend on current traffic situation and faster than bus and taxis so it is considered the fastest way to get to your destination. Tickets are also cheaper and charged according the distance travelled. Tickets can be bought from the ticket booths or the machines at the station entrances. It only can be used once. Local or frequent users may have the cards which alternatively purchased and easy to use which they only just swiped at the ticket gates. Card can be reloaded later for future use.

For more information regarding to this service, you may visit their website www.kliaexpress.com or call them at +603 2267 8000. There are a lot of information regarding routes and destination which you prefer to go.

The good thing about taking train is they are one of the fastest airport transportation which have the speed of 160 km/hour with estimated-time-arrived (ETA) of 33 minutes form KL Airport to KL Sentral. It is also a very convenient inter-terminal transfer between KLIA and KLIA2 which only takes 3 minutes. It also shares the same affordable price which is RM 55 for a destination from KL Airport to KL Sentral. It is the most convenient and reliable as there is free WiFi provided in the train for customers needs.

Trains also available for terminal transfer (KLIA to KLIA2 or vice versa) Estimated time for inter-terminal (KLIA to KLIA2) is only 3 minutes and cost you RM 2 for adult and RM 1 per child. For destination from KL Airport to KL Sentral, it will take 33 minutes for KL Express and 39 minutes for KL Transit. The price for this route is RM 55 for an adult and RM 25 for a child. From KL Sentral you may proceed to your selected destination as there are connected trains for different route. Make sure you are at the correct platform and train or you may ask local regarding to the routes.

There is no schedule provided on the platform but the train is always available. It only takes around few minutes for the next train to come. So, it would not take much of your time to wait. The good things about train are they are air-conditioned and clean, you may enjoy your trip comfortably. Besides it also fast and convenient for locals to go for their daily routine to go for work and usual place. Bare in mind, as usual during peak hours any public transport can be busy. There are two Express Rail Link (ERL) service which is KL Transit and KL Express that is connected with KL Airport. To reach to the train terminal, for KLIA, the train terminal is located at Level 1, KLIA Main Building while for KLIA2 the train terminal is located at Level 2, Gateway@KLIA2 Mall and passengers will proceed to Level 1 to wait for their trains.